Microfacies of a Lower Cretaceous marine successions in Cerro Las Conchas, Sonora, Mexico

  • Rogelio Monreal-Saavedra Universidad de Sonora, Departamento de Geología, Rosales y Bld. Luis Encinas,Hermosillo,Sonora,México.
Keywords: Stratigraphy, microfacies, Aptian, Albian, U-Bar Formation, Bisbee Basin, Arivechi, Sonora.


The upper Aptian-middle Albian marine sequence exposed in the Cerro Las Conchas is clearly upside down, being the middle Albian rocks in the topographic base of the sequence, while the upper Aptian is in the upper part of the section. The microfacies analysis of this succession showed that the environments of deposition were variable, and represent sedimentation in a shallow sea varying from inner- to outer-neritic waterdepths… in order to continue, download the full paper in PDF.