A new Abelisauroid from the Upper Cretaceous of Brazil

  • Elaine B. Machado
  • Diogenes de A. Campos
  • Jorge O. Calvo
  • Alexander W. A. Kellner
Keywords: tibia, theropod, Abelisauroidea, Cretaceous, Bauru Basin, Brazil


Although important dinosaur specimens have been recently described from Brazil, the theropod record in this county is still rather scarce, particularly from Cretaceous strata. Here we describe a complete right tibia (MCT 1783-R) from the Marília Formation (Maastrichtian, Bauru Basin) near Peirópolis (Uberaba, Minas Gerais). This is the best theropod specimen recovered from this unit after five decades of collecting. MCT 1783-R shows a well developed cnemial crest with a lobular distal end, that projects significantly above the proximal articular surface, features that are characteristic of the Abelisauroidea. It further shows unique characters such as a marked asymmetry of lateral and medial condyles in posterior view, and a very deep triangular articular face for the astragalus, suggesting that it represents a new taxon.