Paleoflora de la Formación Carrizal (Triásico Medio-Superior), provincia de San Juan, Argentina

  • Alicia Isabel Lutz
  • Federico Exequiel Arce
Keywords: megaflora, Carrizal Formation, Midle-Upper Triassic, San Juan, Argentina


This article present the study of a continental Triassic paleoflora recovered from Carrizal Formation (Marayes Group), Marayes-El Carrizal Basin, San Juan Province, Argentina. Several samples were collected near to Marayes town, along the homonym river, from Quebrada del Barro, Quebrada el Carrizal creeks and the Mina Rickard, these places were synthetized into a unique section. Kingdom Fungi and Plantae have been differentiated from a taxonomical viewpoint. Plants were determined within different orders, genus and species like Bryophyte, Sphenophyta, Filicophyta, Pteridospermophyta, Ginkgophyta and Coniferophyta Divisions and Incertae sedis plants. These materials are conserved as carbonaceous compressions and impressions. Petrified woods of Corystospermaceae, Cycadales and Coniferales have been also found.