Profundidad de la base de la fuente magnética y estructura térmica del Golfo de México

  • Joel Rosales-Rodríguez
  • William Lee Bandy
  • Elena Centeno-García
Keywords: oceanic crust, exponential method, Gulf of Mexico


The depth to the magnetic source bottom was obtained using an exponential method applied to magnetic data from the Gulf of Mexico, on the oceanic crust mainly. The study area was subdivided by three different grid sizes: one for analysis window of 100×100 km, another analysis window of 150×1150 km and the last one for analysis window of 200×1200 km. Shallow depths obtained with the three analysis windows vary from 17.0 to 14.0 km, and the major depths from 35.0 to 37.5 km. In all three cases over the central part of the Gulf the shallow depths are observed. The observed differences between the three analysis windows are the geometries and trends. There is a better correspondence between the results using the window of 100×1100 km and the crust tectonic model from Gulf of Mexico. The lower depths are observed over the oceanictransitional continental crust boundary, where seismic Moho depth is greater. The depths to the magnetic source bottom obtained are greater than the seismic Moho depth.