Aplicando modelos de granos de polvo con propiedades meteoríticas al continuo ionizante de algunos núcleos activos de galaxias

  • Sinhué Amos Refugio Haro-Corzo
  • Luc Binette
Keywords: stellar medium, dust, extinction, active galactic nuclei, quasars, ultraviolet


In this investigation, we present extintion curves calculated on the basis of Mie theory for spherical dust grains with distribution acording to their size (radius between 50 and 2500 Å) and with diverse chemical components found in meteors. According with our paradigm, extinction curves with adequate amounts of atoms, when applied to the theoretical ionizing continuum, must reproduce the observed spectra. We found a successful way to reproduce, for 11 observed spectra, the ultraviolet break and the softness problem, which are present in the ionizing continuum spectra of active galactic nuclei.
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