El género Nothura (Aves, Tinamidae) en el Pleistoceno (Formación Ensenada) de la provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Mariana B.J. Picasso
Keywords: fossil birds, Tinamidae, Ensenada Formation, Ensenadan, Pleistocene, Argentina


Tinamous are mainly ground-dwelling birds whose fossil records occur primarily during the Pliocene and Pleistocene from Argentina. In this work, we describe a right coracoids fragment of an indeterminate species of Nothura found in early-middle Pleistocene sediments (Ensenada Formation, Ensenadan) in the Buenos Aires Province. This is the first record of the Tinamous family for that time. The presence of this bird is in agreement with a grassland and scrub paleoenvironment, previously deduced from fossil mammals records.