Corals from the Maastrichtian Ocozocoautla Formation (Chiapas, Mexico) – a closer look

  • Hannes Löser
Keywords: scleractinian corals, taxonomy, Maastrichtian, Chiapas, Mexico


The small Maastrichtian coral fauna of Ocozocoautla (Chiapas, Mexico) is being taxonomically reviewed. In contrast to an older study, the material is examined by preparing thin sections and carrying out systematic measurements to ensure that any comparisons of the material with existing species are of statistical significance. Twelve species in ten genera from the suborders Archeocaeniina, Fungiina, Meandrinina, Microsolenina and Poritina are described. The genera Multicolumnastraea and Favioseris are discussed in detail. One genus and its species are described as new: Filkornia is a colonial coral genus with very large calices that belongs to the Late Cretaceous family Felixaraeidae. All species are colonial corals from a shallow marine environment and many of them are known from localities outside the study area, mostly from the Maastrichtian of Jamaica.