Registro sedimentario del antiguo canal de desembocadura del Río de La Plata en la plataforma continental del sur de Brasil

  • Iran Carlos Stalliviere Corrêa
  • Svetlana Medeanic
  • Jair Weschenfelder
  • Elírio Ernestino Toldo Júnior
  • José Carlos Nunes
  • Ricardo Baitelli
  • Cristiane Bahi dos Santos
Keywords: paleodrainage, morphology, continental shelf, La Plata River, Brazil


This paper deals with the characterization of the geomorphology and paleo evolution of a La Plata River paleochannel, located on the south Brazilian continental shelf since the Upper Pleistocene. Through a bathymetric survey and coring of sediments from the paleochannel, a sedimentological and palynological analysis was carried out. This kind of analysis allowed us to characterize a transgressive depositional sequence on the La Plata River paleochannel. The palynological sequences indicated marine environments grading to mixohaline and continental freshwater. From a sedimentological point of view, the area is characterized as a fluvial-estuarine environment. These data offer new information to reconstruct the paleogeographic evolution of the La Plata River paleochannel on the Rio Grande do Sul continental shelf (Brazil).