After seven years as RMCG Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Peter Schaaf is stepping down and will continue to serve as part of the Scientific Editors team. The highly commendable work that Dr. Schaaf carried out during this time has undoubtedly contributed to the Journal improving, even more, in the quality and transcendence of its contents; his future contributions will surely have the same enthusiasm, dedication, and professionalism in favor of Earth Sciences.

Thank you Dr. Schaaf.


Current Issue

Vol 39 No 3 (2022)

Longitudinal thin section of the new coral species Rayaphyllia atheca, holotype IGM 9204. 1, from the San Juan Raya Formation (Lower Cretaceous), Puebla, Mexico. Scale bar = 1 mm. See related article by Hannes Löser in this issue.

Published: 2022-12-01

SPECIAL SECTION "20 years of the Centro de Geociencias, UNAM"

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